It’s Tuesday! Which means I’m sharing part 2 of 4 of my Travel Tuesday series from traveling Germany, the second city I visited. It was the day after Dominik’s 30th birthday and his friends had planned a surprise for him in Bremen. In Germany, it’s tradition that when a man turns 30 and isn’t married, his friends plan these ridiculously embarrassing tasks for him to do throughout the day while getting him as drunk as possible. I did get to see this happening to someone in Hamburg… it was hilarious!

The plan was we would all go to Bremen, the boys would go off to do their thing while I explored the city with one of the friend’s wife. I knew the surprise and was excited for Dom but I was also excited to hang out with Annabell all day! I had heard so much about her since her and her husband are really close to Dominik so it was nice to finally meet her! The surprise for Dominik? The Hamburg vs Bremen soccer game. It’s like the biggest game, apparently, since the two cities are soccer rivals. They are the 2 biggest Club Soccer teams in Northern Germany. I think his friends went easy on him since I was there ūüėČ

Annabell and I dropped the boys off at the stadium then went to explore for the day! Bremen is known as a very historic city. By the pictures you can tell! Like last week’s post, I’ll let the pictures do most of the talking.


The Universum Science Center

First, we went to the Universum Science Museum. It totally looks like a UFO or something haha! The museum was geared more towards children but I still found it fascinating. I’ve never been to such an interactive museum. There were 3 floors exploring different subjects of science – technology, nature and the human body. I say you should definitely go! I loved it!

Somehow this is the only picture Annabell and I got together haha! It was a heat sensor machine!

Bremen Cathedral (Der Dom)

The Dom Cathedral was originally constructed 1200 years ago! There have been multiple reconstructions done over the years (read the history here), but today, it still predominates in size and structure. I have absolutely no words to describe how grand and breathtaking this cathedral is!  Pictures absolutely do not do justice! What was so fun about touring it was I felt like I was in Harry Potter! Secret rooms and hallways everywhere! Everything is stone and big and detailed. The paintings, the carvings, the architecture. It is just so amazing! This is a must see for sure!!

Even the ceilings are so detailed and gorgeous!!!
The worship center ^^
This is engraved in a wall. The detail is immaculate!!


The Bremer Marktplatz

The main attraction in Bremen is the Town Hall. I don’t even think this needs words.



The¬†B√∂ttcherstra√üe is a small street near the marketplace and historic district that’s famous for it’s unique architecture and it’s entrance, the¬†Lichtbringer¬†(“Bringer of Light”). What fascinated me the most about this street was that it is exactly how movies and TV shows portray the old, historic days of the market and streets and buildings. It was just so neat to walk down and feel like I was in a movie. There are little shops and homes down the entire street.


Bremen Roland

This is one of many Roland statues throughout Germany. It represents freedom and market rights. The Bremen Roland is one of the oldest of the statues, constructed in 1404 and is known to be one of the largest, most beautiful and most representative Roland statues. It stands next to the Town Hall, in the middle of the Bremer Marktplatz. You can see below in comparison to the man in the picture, this statue is massive! But like everything else, indescribable due to its beauty and detail!


Bremen Town Musicians

The statue of the Bremen Town Musicians is the most famous attraction in Bremen. It is a representation of the fairy tale story Bremer Stadtmusikanten (The Town Musicians Of Bremen) by the Brothers Grimm. Touching (or rubbing) the statue is known to bring good luck, which is why I’m holding the leg of the donkey haha!

That concludes my trip to Bremen! I am so happy I got to visit and that Annabell spent all day with me. It is such a beautiful, historic city. Just like Hamburg, if you get the chance to visit, take it!

xxoo, Rebekah

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