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You guys, it has been a minute since I have posted and I am SO sorry! Things got a little chaotic in my world and once again, All Pink and Pearls got put on the back burner. Life, right? But hopefully you are following me on Instagram and were able to keep up with me there! If so, you noticed I just went on a cruise in the Caribbean with my dad! It was both of our first time on a cruise and it was definitely different than I  expected… but in a good way! We decided to book with Carnival Cruise Lines with their newest ship, the Carnival Vista. It was a 7 night Caribbean cruise that started from the Galveston Bay and made stops in Montego Bay, Jamaica, Grand Cayman Islands and Cozumel, Mexico. What appealed to me so much into taking a cruise rather than a flight to a destination, is how easily I would be able to see three destinations I have never visited before. And I loved it! Each destination was so beautiful, I only wish I had longer to visit!

The Carnival Cruise Line was such a good choice for us. Every hour there were different activities on the ship geared towards each age group. We went to a couple events, along with the Piano Bar and the Nightclub. But my favorite entertainment BY FAR was the shows our cruise director put on each night. We had a Motown Showdown night, a Michael Jackson night, and so many others! That is what we looked forward to at the end of a long day. The cruise was cool as in it was a mini town with so many different restaurants to choose from, shops, multiple pools on deck, a gym, kid playing areas – it had everything! I would definitely recommend it for couples with kids due to the enclosed and easily accessible areas/hotel room (state room).

Two of the coolest things on the ship was 1. The ropes course and 2. The bike ride that takes you over the ocean. Yup, you read that right! On the top of the ship, there are two hanging bicycles that take you over the ocean. Such a thrill! Now the ropes course… that scared me to death! If you are afraid of heights (like I am), I would not do this! haha However, I did enjoy myself giving it a shot and definitely proud that I made it without falling!

So on to the best part of the cruise – the excursions!!!

Montego Bay, Jamaica

After sailing the sea for 3 days, our first stop was Montego Bay, which was my favorite stop. Jamaica was nothing as I expected either! The green mountains and clear blue water were stunningly beautiful. While we were there, I finally checked swimming with dolphins off my bucket list! If you haven’t done it, it is a must!! We booked through Dolphin Discovery which has a shuttle to and from the cruise line to make it super easy. At Dolphin Discovery, you can swim with dolphins, pet the sting rays, ride a camel and feeds emus. Definitely a place to head to! Once we got back to the ship, we got to experience a beautiful double rainbow  then off to Grand Cayman!

Grand Cayman

Grand Cayman was a close tie with Jamaica being my favorite stop. I mean the water doesn’t get much clearer than it does there! Dad and I booked a 3 stop excursion with a company called Captain Marvin’s, who was spectacular! The main stop on this excursion was going out to Stingray City to swim with the sting rays. I am not going to lie, I shrieked when they came near me but holding them and swimming with them is such a thrill. And I hear if they give you a kiss, it’s 7 years good luck 😉 The next stop was snorkeling above the reef, which was beautiful because you can see so far under water! Then lastly, we stopped to feed fish. Without a doubt, book an excursion out to Stingray City! It will be a once in a lifetime experience!


Cozumel, Mexico

Unfortunately, it was pouring rain the whole time (except right when we got off) we were in Cozumel but it didn’t stop us from having fun. We parked it at Margaritaville with some others from the cruise and need I say more?? However, next time I visit Cozumel, I definitely want to head out to the ruins!

Overall, I loved the cruise! It brought so many good memories for Dad and I. Booking, getting on the cruise, attending activities, all of it was super easy and stress-free. I highly recommend a cruise for a group of friends or family to make traveling easy. And a special thanks to Carnival for providing these memories I will cherish forever!

xxoo, Rebekah

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  1. Loved spending the week with you having so much fun. Glad you didn’t talk about you teaching me a new dance. I love you. Daddy

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