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Hey guys! Happy Wednesday! How’s your week going so far? My week has been a lot better than last week haha! A little more relaxing, not so stressful and long. And I’m still recovering from all the junk I ate for Super Bowl! I haven’t shared this with you, but last week, when I was under more stress than normal, I pushed myself a little too hard when running and really hurt my knee! What did I do the next day? The exact same thing – pushed myself too hard while running. Then was limping the rest of the week. So unfortunately I had to take a good 5 days off from running which drove me insane. Monday, I tested the waters again and was able to jog 3.5 miles though! Fingers crossed that I can keep it up and still run my half marathon in Washington D.C. in March!

With not being able to run and still needing to cleanse and rejuvenate my body from Sunday, Hum Nutrition‘s Daily Cleanse has helped me so much! It’s been cleansing my skin, liver, bowel, kidneys and lungs with the 15 different cleansing herbs it contains. And I feel so much better! It was my plan to start cleansing and detoxing between the Super Bowl and my half marathon and Hum Nutrition came to the rescue! I feel like I’ve been clean eating for weeks and all my bloating and sluggishness is gone. I don’t know about you, but bloating is something I struggle with constantly! 

Also, the second I start eating bad, the breakouts begin. Does that happen to you as well? I honestly believe Hum Nutrition aided in keeping my skin clear this round-a-bout because it’s a miracle my skin is still clear from the stress and bad eating! The best part? It’s vegetarian/vegan friendly! I was vegetarian for 11 years so I tend to gravitate towards vegetarian friendly items, just as a personal preference.

I also chose to start Hum Nutrition Skinny Bird, an all natural appetite suppressant and metabolism booster, that I cannot wait to share results next month! With Hum Nutrition’s flexible monthly membership, it is so easy to stay on top of your monthly beauty and health goals! Each monthly shipment comes in a unique box that includes free samples and some cute gifts, like my travel calendar, to help in sticking to your commitment for your best year yet!

Head to Hum Nutrition and use code BESTYEAR to receive 20% off your first order of any of the 30 different beauty-boosting supplements. Also available here.

Just remember, beauty starts within!

xxoo, Rebekah

Brought to you by Hum Nutrition


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