Merry Christmas season you guys! Today I decided to share my experience with FabFitFun! This winter edition was my second box and since I loved my fall box so much I wanted to share this one with you. But first, let’s stop and acknowledge how cute the box is!!

For those of you who have not seen FabFitFun advertised and do not know what it is, it is a seasonal subscription box that comes with over $200 worth of full sized beauty, fitness, wellness and lifestyle products customized specifically for you. When you sign up, you complete a personal profile so everyone’s box is just a little bit different to fit their own wants. About a week or so before your box ships, FabFitFun will send you an email letting you pick a few items yourself but then the rest is a surprise, which I love!

My favorite thing about receiving these seasonal boxes is that new products and brands are included that I would never go to the store and buy for myself. So this way I can test things out to see if I enjoy them – which most of the time I do and end up sticking with the product! You can get anything from masks, to lotions, bubble baths, lipsticks, nail polishes and so much more. Once your box is delivered, FabFitFun links everything in your box to your account so you can shop it again and they will tell you the total value of your box. My winter box totaled at $459 but I received it all for $49.99! Say whaaaaat?! A steal, right?! And if you are anything like me with the “treat yo-self” mentality, this is a great way to go without splurging!

Another fun perk about becoming a member with FabFitFun, are the exclusive deals you can get. You have the ability to shop everything that was included in the seasonal box (up to 70% off retail price), even if it wasn’t in yours, you have access to FabFitFun TV with fun, easy-to-do anywhere workouts, and even the option to buy themed gift boxes for friends or family members (which I will totally take advantage of!). With the holidays coming up, the themed gift boxes are a great idea for a Christmas present for your mom, sister, best friend or any other female in your life … I’m just throwing that out there 😉

Sign up today and get $10 off your first box 🙂 I’m already looking forward to my spring seasonal box!

I would love to know if you already get it and what was in your box! Comment below!

xxoo, Rebekah

What Was In My Box?

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