Happy Tuesday everyone! With my trip to Germany coming up in 4 short weeks, I thought I would share a Travel Tuesday for the next 4 weeks of my last trip to Germany in April 2017! For those of you who are just joining along on my blog, my boyfriend Dominik, is a native German, born and raised in Hamburg, Germany. We hadn’t been dating too terribly long when he effortlessly convinced me to join him in Germany for his 30th birthday celebration. I had never left the country before (except Cabo when I was 16 but that doesn’t count because it’s so Americanized) so the whole trip was exciting, nerve wracking, thrilling, confusing, adventurous and just plain amazing!! Not only was I getting to visit a new country (continent for that matter) but also getting to meet the family and friends of the man I love and see where he grew up.

Fun Fact: Hamburg has more bridges than Venice

Another fun fact: Hamburg is the most beautiful city in the world!


I’m going to let the pictures do most of the talking but I’m going to walk you through exploring Hamburg.

The day we got there, being beyond jet lagged, we met his entire family for lunch then napped for hours! After that, I got my first taste of Germany! We met his best friends further into the city and they took me to get my first D├Âner! I devoured the entire thing it was so good! It’s like a pita and a kebab mixed together with some mouth watering sauce drizzled all over. I’m drooling just thinking about it!!

After that we did this thing called “cornering”. We went into a kiosk, bought beer and stood on the corner drinking beer – hence, cornering. Then chilled at a little bar down the street for the rest of the night.

My first impression was “this is exactly what I pictured when I thought of Germany”. Just the vibes, the landscape, the graffiti, the buildings. Everything about it. But what I wasn’t expecting was how clean and fresh it was! Everything is standardized and so neatly laid out. All the curbs are the same size, the sidewalks and roads. Everything is just so beautiful and green and grand!

The first thing I did was try a┬áD├Âner! ^^
Okay guys, The McDonald’s there are actually really good! And so fancy!
Every city I visited had one of these stone, 3D maps of the city! Literally, the neatest idea ever!

I was blown away by all the intricate details in the architecture! Pictures do NOT do justice!

The above photos are Hamburg’s Town Hall. This was the first thing I saw in Hamburg and I fell in love with the beauty!

A Fischbr├Âtchen – fish sandwich. One of the “must-try foods” while in Hamburg.

Just some random Bunker from WWII. I t was nothing “historic” but I still found it all fascinating!

The below photos are of St. Michel’s Church, one of Hamburg’s most important landmarks and the most famous church in the city, initially built in 1647. It has an observation deck up in the tower that overlooks all of Hamburg and the harbor (photos at the very bottom of the post). I had never been so cold standing up there at the top but the view at nighttime is totally worth freezing your booty off! This is a must when visiting Hamburg!!

The angel pinning the devil down above the main entrance of the St. Michel is called “Victory over the Devil”

This is the Old Elbe Tunnel of Hamburg, built in 1911 that runs under the Harbor and was the first tunnel to run under a river in all of Europe.
I thought this ship was so cool! I have never seen anything like it! Looks like it came straight out of the Pirates of Caribbean!
The famous harbor of Hamburg
This was some sort of cruise that came through the Harbor when we were there. The absolute biggest ship I have EVER seen and I think one of the “biggest” to come through the Harbor. Police were everywhere guarding the rails and other boats had to direct the ship in.

The most beautiful city in the world, Hamburg!
I’ve never been so cold in my life, just saying
A Currywurst from Schweinske – a very popular dish in Germany that is sausage with ketchup and curry. I don’t eat sausage but I ate this and it was SO good! We ate at Schweinske like 4 times when I was there! It’s delicious!!
It was a happy birthday to my baby!

Just looking through all these pictures gets me more pumped to go back! I keep in close contact with 3 girlfriends that live there that I am so excited to see again! I absolutely adore Dominik’s friends and family! Everyone was so nice and welcoming to me. Shocker Alert: EVERYONE speaks English!! And not just a little broken English where you both have to work at communicating, but, like, pretty fluently. I remember being so nervous because I hadn’t practiced much German so I didn’t think I would be able to communicate much with anyone then BAM! I was blown away.

On a different note, it’s cool to think that this place is becoming my second home. Not going to lie, I cried when I had to come back to America. Dom laughed but I was being serious that I never wanted to leave! I hope you enjoy the photos and the fun things I experienced! If you ever have a chance to go to Hamburg (or Germany), DO IT!!!

xxoo, Rebekah

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