Hurricane Harvey…

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Happy Monday! How was your weekend? Mine was stressful for sure. I am currently braving Hurricane Harvey. Locked up all weekend and at least until Wednesday morning! This is my first hurricane to experience. At first, I didn’t understand why everyone was so freaked out since I was under the impression this was only bad storms. Last Tuesday, the stores already started clearing out and gas stations were swamped, I mean SWAMPED, with cars filling up their tanks and then some. I thought it was an overreaction until I started paying closer attention to the news.

On Friday, we were released from work at noon so Dominik and I made one last run to the store looking for non-sparkling water, since each time we went that was all that was left. We hit jackpot after this 6th trip and found 2 last packs of bottled water. The stores have been a madhouse!

It didn’t start raining until late Friday night and continued through to the morning but slowed down. Friday the storms hit bad around 2am and a tornado hit out by my parents house (luckily they were out of town). I wasn’t too worried or worked up until Saturday night. Actually, the whole time I was thinking this was a joke about how much the media led Harvey on to be. But Saturday night I started realizing this was not a joke – it was getting bad.

Thunderstorms became loud and harsh, tornadoes started forming and coming down nearby our apartment, then when Dom and I were at a friends, everything stopped and went dead silent during a tornado warning. My heart sank. My stomach clenched. If you know about tornadoes, it’s like the silence before the storm. Everything gets eery – no sound, no wind, nothing. Then it hits. Luckily, nothing happened but it was definitely a scare. We were all prepared to hide in our friend’s closet that was in the most center. no more than 10 minutes later, we were released from the tornado warning.

Storms hit bad again later Saturday night. Everything was flooded when we woke up. Friends were sending me photos of their cars under water, apartments and houses completely flooded, the whole thing. Our parking lot flooded but that was about it. We went on a walk down our street Sunday morning and apparently things got real bad over here. Streets were completely shut down due to flooding, trees had fallen and blocked the roads, the sewers were shooting out like fountains. There were even multiple abandoned cars stuck in the water in the middle of roads. I had never seen anything like it, even with all the Memorial Day floods the past 3 years. It truly is breaking my heart seeing all this and things friends are sharing through social media.

As I am writing this to you, we are under another tornado warning. Keep us and Houston in your prayers and I will keep you posted on our safety and status. Thankfully Dominik and I are in a good, safe area with electricity and water, but I know there are many out there struggling right now.

PSA, you would be proud of me for not online shopping at all the whole time locked up! I have been browsing though 😉

Hope you all have a great week!

xxoo, Rebekah


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