Krause Springs…

You can’t even see my boyfriend ^^ haha!

Our settlement ^^ You can’t see our tent in this picture

The cave ^^

Happy Wednesday, everyone! Like I promised to, I’m sharing a little bit about my first “real” camping trip the other weekend! I didn’t take as many photos as I planned but here are a few. One of my friends is a pro camper, who even camped in Germany for like a month, so if I was going to do a camping trip, it was going to be with her. She prepped me on what to bring and what to expect. And boy, did she come prepared! She decided on this little camp site outside of Austin, TX called Krause Springs. As you could put together from the pictures, it’s named after the Krause Springs that we got to swim in! Which it was FREEZING COLD so I hardly stayed in there. There was also this cave, but I did not even dare to go in there.

I had been sick the whole week prior so everyone thought it would be a good idea for me to still come and just relax in nature – which I am happy I did!¬†The camp site was perfect for me! It was more of a modernized site. There were nice bathrooms, a front office with electricity, hammocks set up, relaxing music playing, a swimming pool if you have kids or don’t want to be in the spring, a butterfly palace that we sadly didn’t go to and trails with stone walkways and stairs. It was small so we really didn’t have to walk much at all! We settled in the very back by a little creek so some of them went fishing and paddle boarding on that. Everyone pitched in on bringing food and drinks, we each had our own tent and we all brought plenty of hammocks!

So when I say my friend is a professional camper, I mean really. Her and another girl brought tables, a small skillet grill, cooking utensils, planned amazing meals and cooked them, and brought all the small things you wouldn’t think of like dish soap, hand sanitizer, smore sticks. It was a smart choice on my end to go with her! Dom borrowed this awesome tent from a friend that had like a little room before you go into the sleeping area and he brought an air matress. I was set!!

What made the trip the most entertaining/interesting was there was a “free event” when we were there called Medicine for the People. When the front office informed us of it, we thought it was some sort of doctor convention/getaway trip. But if you know anything about the Austin area, we were fools to assume that haha! Austin is known for being “weird”, their slogan is “Keep Austin Weird”. It is definitely complete opposite of what you think of when you think of the capital of Texas, or Texas in general. So this Medicine for the People event was more like a hippie gathering where everyone shares drugs with each other. I definitely encountered some interesting individuals. Have you ever seen the movie The Proposal with Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds? Do you remember the part where Betty White is chanting in the woods with music and Sandra Bullock comes out and joins? Ya, it was like that haha.

Overall though, the trip was so much fun! Krause Springs is definitely a great camping site if you are ever near the Austin area and looking for somewhere to go. I glad I went and will definitely do it again, just maybe not so soon or when there are other free events! What is your favorite place to go camping? Any tips for my next time?

xxoo, Rebekah

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