Happy Tuesday! Today is my last post covering my last trip to Germany, as we leave this week to go back! The fourth and final city I visited last April was Lübeck. Dominik, his dad, his dad’s girlfriend and I took a day trip to this historical city on one of my last days in Germany. Similar to my Bremen post, the beauty, detail and awe of Lübeck is hard to capture through the photos, but here we go!


The Holstenor (Holsten Gate) was the first thing I saw when we drove into Lübeck. It was like I was walking in a Medieval movie! Originally built with two other gates and a wall surrounding the city, The Holstenor was the main entrance gate into Lübeck. This gate not only served as protection of the city, but also a form as prestige. In medieval times,  Lübeck was known as an important trade city and the Holsten Gate symbolizes Lübeck as a free industrial city. The golden letter inscription CONCORDIA DOMI FORIS PAX  translates to “Unity at home, peace abroad”.


Lübeck Town Hall/Square

Hansesaal (Hanseatic Hall) is Lübeck’s Town Hall, originally constructed in 1230. This square market is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful areas I have seen! Fun Fact: There are different sized doors to the courtroom – Acquitted defendants were allowed to leave the hall via the tall door, sentenced defendants had to remove their hats and leave via the low door.

This is just a building by the square, but the detail was so gorgeous that I had to snap a picture!
Just a beautiful view!
Funniest thing I have ever seen – a “walk-thru” McDonald’s!


Heiligen-Geist-Hospital (Holy Spirit Hospital) is known to be Germany’s first hospital, dating back to 1227, and one of the world’s oldest social institutions and a precursor of modern hospitals. It is located in Lübeck’s old town center and contains a section for elderly people to live in to this day. We did not get the chance to go on a tour, but that is open year round along with some restaurants inside. Lübeck’s Christmas market is hosted in/around the church and hospital in the picture below.

Heiligen-Geist-Hospital is on the left and a Cathedral is on the right.
A steel, 3D map of Lübeck, as I shared from Hamburg as well

Lübeck’s The Devil’s Stone

When the first stones of St. Mary were laid the devil believed that
this building would be a wine bar. He liked the idea, because many
souls had already found their way to him after frequently visiting
such a place. So he mixed with the crowd and started to help the
workers. No wonder that the building grew higher and higher
amazingly fast. But one day the devil had to realize what the
building would really be. Full of anger he grabbed a huge boulder
to smash the walls that were already standing. He was just flying
near through the air when a bold fellow shouted at him: “Just stop
it, Mr. Devil! Leave what has already been erected! For you we will
build a wine bar just here in the neighborhood!” The devil was
very pleased with this idea. He dropped the boulder beside the
wall, where it is lying until this day. One can still see the devil’s
claws in the stone. And just opposite the church the workers built
the wine cellar of the Town Hall.
Sculpture by Rolf Goerler; sculptor from Lübeck 1999


St. Peter’s Viewing Platform

When visiting Lübeck, the observation tower in St. Peter’s church is a must! It is the most incredible view overlooking the city. You can see the Holsten Gate, St. Mary’s church, the town hall, the moat around the city. It is pretty chilly up there but well worth it!!

Lübeck is another must if you get the chance to visit Northern Germany! Stayed tuned the next few weeks, as I will be in Germany into the New Year with much more!

xxoo, Rebekah

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