Murray’s Mama…

(you can’t help but smile at his smile)


Dress: SheIn | Shoes: Steve Madden (similar here and here) | Sunglasses: Ray-Ban (custom) | Murray: Houston Westie and Scottie Rescue | Murray’s Collar: Up Country | Murray’s Lease: WINSEE

Happy Tuesday, buns! Let me cheer you up with my sweet baby boy!

Okay, so it’s kind of funny that I tagged where I got Murray, but I’m going to use this post to promote pet adoption. I had a “perfect” Westie, due to Westie standards, from the pet shop for 12 years (had to put her down 6 months ago). When I got a full time job 3 years, I decided to adopt another Westie from the Houston Westie and Scottie Rescue to help keep Randi young and company while I was at work. The morning of my 25th birthday, I saw a picture of Murray and knew he was perfect! Especially since I got Randi exactly 10 years prior on the exact same day!! Randi (RIP baby girl) and him got along perfect so I adopted him on the spot for $350 (normally $1000 for a full bred Westie).

Well…. When I got home is when I realized this pup had been through hell and back. He was on his utmost guard, growling, snarling and biting at anything that came near him. It was super scary, honestly. I even realized his two front legs had been broken and healed improperly. After two days, Randi warmed him up and I was able to take him from my parent’s house back to my apartment. I took him to the groomer for a spring shave, and found out he had slash scars and cigarette burns covering his back. This poor pup was not even a year old!!!!

It was difficult trying to warm him up to me. He has bit me multiple times to where I bled, but now he is a changed pup due to love. I’ve changed his entire life and couldn’t ask for a better dog. This post is to encourage everyone to ADOPT!!!! Adopt, don’t shop. I can’t even imagine what my poor boy went through, but he is totally different dog and I am beyond fulfilled that I rescued this boy’s life!! I love being Murray’s Mama.

Head to Up Country for his collar! This is the second one I have bought for him and Randi had two as well. They are amazing quality and last forever. What’s even more amazing is that they are machine washable and have a matching leash and harness! Up Country also sells cat collars for all my cat lovers out there!

And go ahead and shop my look! This dress is perfect for summer! I even throw swimsuits under it and wear it as a swimsuit cover. And the wedges literally go with everyyyything!!








xxoo, Rebekah


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