My Blue Light Blocker Glasses…

This post was completely inspired by everyone’s reactions when I posted a photo of me in my glasses a few weeks ago on another Instagram story! One thing most people do not know about me is I actually wear glasses every single day but take them off for photos! So if you don’t see me regularly, you probably didn’t know that. 

When I was on my cruise in September,  I happened to lose my expensive glasses. How this happened – I have no idea. But to make matters worse, I had just gotten them with insurance literally two weeks earlier!! I was so upset! I waited a few weeks after the cruise just in case lost & found found them – but I was out of luck. 

Being blind is not cheap, people! My glasses with insurance was around $280 so I was definitely not about to go pay out of pocket for a new pair. And that’s how I came across Eye Buy Direct. I searched the internet for affordable glasses and this was the first site I found. The prices are so cheap I definitely thought it was too good to be true! But you guys, it’s not. They are cheap and cute and I love them! I have so many more on my list to buy! 

The site is super easy to use. They even have a try on feature that helps you see what the glasses will look like on you without being there to physically try on. Sizing is definitely a concern – it was for me too – but the website walks you through the process to find the correct size and how to enter you prescription in.

The best part I thought my readers would love is that you don’t have to have a prescription to order them! You can simply buy these glasses for fashion reasons OR what is now the rage, blue light blocker glasses (which I ordered on all three of mine).  Adding this feature to your glasses is great for anyone who is on a computer a lot. The blue light blocker filters out the harmful rays from any screen to protect your eyes from long term damage. I sit on a computer all day for work, then after work I am on my computer for blogging or on my phone, so getting the blue light blocker feature was a must for me in order to protect my eyes! 

Eye Buy Direct is currently having 50% hundreds of styles for a Christmas clearance (including my clear ones!), so hurry over to get yourself a pair or two! 

Happy shopping!

xxoo, Rebekah

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