Neutrals, Ruffles and Frills…

Blouse: RP Everyday Shop | Jeans: Express | Satchel: Vince Camuto (also available here) | Nude Pumps: Sam Edelman – also available here | Earrings: Similar styles here and here | Lips: Tawny Lip Liner and Covetous Nude Lipstick by Estee Lauder

Happy Monday! How was your weekend? Mine was super laid back! I didn’t feel the best so I literally did not leave the apartment except for my facial on Saturday. Speaking of the facial, I was recommended to this lady by a friend and she is absolutely the cutest and best at her job! It was my first time getting a true facial catered to my skin’s specific needs and I can already say I will be a regular customer! My skin has never felt better! So if you are in the Houston area and looking for someone, message me or email me for her information!

It’s no secret that I’m obsessed with the RP Everyday Shop and have purchased quite a bit from there, but this neutral, ruffle blouse is by far my favorite blouse I have purchased!  I have worn it so many ways already but this neutral look with my frill Express jeans is my favorite way to wear it. And it is way softer than you would imagine! I sized up to a medium because my torso is so long but other than that, it is TTS.

How would you style this blouse? Do you love ruffles as much as me??

xxoo, Rebekah


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Valentine’s Day Inspiration…

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It’s finally Friday! Yay! If you are anything like me, you will be doing your Valentine’s Day shopping this weekend – totally last minute. That is why today I am sharing some Valentine’s Day Inspiration – from things you should wear to gifts for your sisters, best friends, mother and all other powerful women in your life! I am such a procrastinator when it comes to getting anything done so hopefully this will be helpful to all my fellow procrastinators!

I’m also sharing my ‘D’ initial necklace that I wear almost everyday and am so in love with. The ‘D’ obviously stands for Dominik and on the back it says ‘one in a million’. It’s such a special necklace to me. The funny part – a little after I started wearing Dominik’s initials on my neck, Taylor Swift’s album dropped with the song “Call It What You Want” where she says ‘I want to wear his initials on a chain around my neck. Not because he owns me, but because he really knows me’. That couldn’t have hit home plate more than it did!

Do you have any special Valentine’s Day plans? What will you be wearing? I’ll give you a hint on what I am wearing — it’s the first thing on the list <3

Happy shopping babes! Have a great weekend!

xxoo, Rebekah


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Cleansing With Hum Nutrition…

Hey guys! Happy Wednesday! How’s your week going so far? My week has been a lot better than last week haha! A little more relaxing, not so stressful and long. And I’m still recovering from all the junk I ate for Super Bowl! I haven’t shared this with you, but last week, when I was under more stress than normal, I pushed myself a little too hard when running and really hurt my knee! What did I do the next day? The exact same thing – pushed myself too hard while running. Then was limping the rest of the week. So unfortunately I had to take a good 5 days off from running which drove me insane. Monday, I tested the waters again and was able to jog 3.5 miles though! Fingers crossed that I can keep it up and still run my half marathon in Washington D.C. in March!

With not being able to run and still needing to cleanse and rejuvenate my body from Sunday, Hum Nutrition‘s Daily Cleanse has helped me so much! It’s been cleansing my skin, liver, bowel, kidneys and lungs with the 15 different cleansing herbs it contains. And I feel so much better! It was my plan to start cleansing and detoxing between the Super Bowl and my half marathon and Hum Nutrition came to the rescue! I feel like I’ve been clean eating for weeks and all my bloating and sluggishness is gone. I don’t know about you, but bloating is something I struggle with constantly! 

Also, the second I start eating bad, the breakouts begin. Does that happen to you as well? I honestly believe Hum Nutrition aided in keeping my skin clear this round-a-bout because it’s a miracle my skin is still clear from the stress and bad eating! The best part? It’s vegetarian/vegan friendly! I was vegetarian for 11 years so I tend to gravitate towards vegetarian friendly items, just as a personal preference.

I also chose to start Hum Nutrition Skinny Bird, an all natural appetite suppressant and metabolism booster, that I cannot wait to share results next month! With Hum Nutrition’s flexible monthly membership, it is so easy to stay on top of your monthly beauty and health goals! Each monthly shipment comes in a unique box that includes free samples and some cute gifts, like my travel calendar, to help in sticking to your commitment for your best year yet!

Head to Hum Nutrition and use code BESTYEAR to receive 20% off your first order of any of the 30 different beauty-boosting supplements. Also available here.

Just remember, beauty starts within!

xxoo, Rebekah

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Vintage Green Lace…

Dress: H&M (on sale!) | Nude Pumps: Sam Edelman – also available here | Earrings: Sold Out – also love these and these | Crochet Bag: Similar style here | Lips: Tawny Lip Liner and Covetous Nude Lipstick by Estee Lauder

Happy Monday! How was everyone’s Super Bowl Sunday? Did you go to a party or host one or stay home? A small group of us went to a friend’s house to watch the game. Just a very relaxed day! I made the best chicken salad sandwiches! Get the recipe here! It’s so simple!

I’ve been so excited to share this Vintage Green Lace dress with you! I wore it last Sunday and felt beyond feminine in it! Such a perfect elegant dress for church, work or an event and this green color is such a beautiful shade for spring! Let’s just swoon over the sleeves for a minute! With all the lace detail, you really don’t need to accessorize much! Just keep it simple. Best part? It’s currently on sale!!

Hope you all have a fantastic week!

xxoo, Rebekah


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Christmas in Germany…

It’s been about a month and a half now since I left to spend Christmas in Germany. As promised, I am finally sharing it with you! Before I even start, I have to tell you it was the most magical experience! The Christmas markets and the atmosphere exceeded my expectations beyond 1,000%! That being said, you have to add it on your bucket list – to spend a Christmas in Germany! I am pretty fortunate to have had my own personal tour guide for the 3 weeks I was there, along with being able to spend time with friends and family.

As I mentioned here, rather than spending money on material items for each other, Dominik and I like to do vacations or getaways as gifts. Our Christmas gift to each other was a little getaway to a city in Germany called Dresden. Oh. My. Gosh. I fell in love. It was so big and grand and historical. The Christmas markets were unbelievable and came straight out of a fairy-tale novel! We got to see 4 different castles, but only one we could tour since tours were closed for the winter months. I had never felt so at home though 😉 We didn’t really get to experience the Dresden Castle but we also visited the Pillnitz Castle, Weesenstein Castle and  the Wartburg Castle, which is where Martin Luther translated the Bible to German.

Christmas Markets



This Christmas market was directly from our view of the hotel.
This Christmas Market was “Medieval” themed and was so neat! All the workers were wearing old cloaks and the mugs resembled old clay mugs from Medieval times. I wish I would have snapped more photos! That Glühwein was too tasty though 😉


Pillnitz Castle

Weesenstein Castle

The Wartburg Castle

This is where Martin Luther did most of the translating of the German Bible. If I remember correctly, it took him roughly 17 years!

This was the wife’s chambers. There are over 2 million mosaic tiles making up the walls.
Original painting in Castle’s church – still used as a church today.

Other Attractions

As I mentioned above, Dresden is an old, historical city. We didn’t do any official tours or have any plans except for the castles so we just walked around and went inside buildings when we could. The buildings are so big and detailed that it’s enough to see without a tour guide. Out hotel had a direct view of The Dresden Frauenkirche (Church of our Lady), which was absolutely the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. We went inside and read all about the history and whatnot – which I highly recommend. Church service is still held in there today! It was originally built in the 1800’s but completely destroyed during WWII and has been reconstructed since. I would also recommend going into The Hofkirche (Dresden’s Catholic Cathedral) and the Opera House, Semperoper Dresden, if you get a chance! We unfortunately did not make it into the Opera House due to practices inside but I hear it is beautiful inside!

The Dresden Frauenkirche

The Hofkirche

The Opera House


Hope you enjoyed the pictures and get the chance to go to Dresden when you visit Germany. If you have any questions about my outfit details, check it out here!

xxoo, Rebekah