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Ladies, today we are talking about planning. If you read my last post, you know I’m obsessed with planning (literally). I have always had this weird controlling aspect about me that I need to plan everything. Or at least know what to expect. From what I eat, to what I wear, to every minute on my free time and of course to what I look like. Planning is apart of me. Positively and Negatively.

Like any other girl, I plan which nights I will wash my hair and shave my legs. I plan my outfits for the weekend and trips, what I will wear to work, and ultimately, I even plan as detailed to the eye shadow I will wear with said outfit. It can either be called obsessive, or as my German boyfriend describes, efficient like the Germans!

So I met this German guy, that I moved in with and had to alter my cleanliness and planning obsession in order to get along haha! He is the EXACT opposite of planning! It drives him crazy that I have the need to plan everything a week (or year) in advanced and it drives me crazy that he can’t plan until the hour it will happen. Then we ask the question, what do I have control of that he can’t say a word about? My outfits!

So today I am here to talk to you about why I love planning what I will wear the upcoming days. For starters, I can sleep in about 15 extra minutes because I don’t have to try on 1023987 outfits! I already wake up at 5:10 every morning for work, so any extra minute I can get, I will take!

Secondly, I just love being prepared! I love knowing the meetings I have and that I will be dressed a certain way for them. I love knowing if anything happens, I will not be under dressed, but over dressed at most. I love knowing I can save some time every morning because I already know what to wear and it is already ironed and laid out for me. Now the question is, how do I plan for what I will wear and for how long do I plan?

To start off, I plan my outfits for Monday-Wednesday on Sunday afternoon. This is because these three days I have to dress business casual for work. I begin by checking the weather then continue to asking myself, “Do I have any meetings?” No matter what the weather, I always make sure I have something to layer at work because it is always cold in the office, then hot as ever in Houston. If I have a meeting, I plan to wear a nice dress, skirt or button down. If no meetings, I will still wear a dress, skirt or button down haha! Just not as nice.

Thursday and Friday, I am allowed to wear jeans to work so I start off by picking which jeans for which day. Thursday, I already have to dress a little nicer so I choose a blouse with clean cut or colored jeans. Since Friday’s are corporate-wide casual, I just pick whatever! Usually a denim dress, skirt or raw hemmed jeans, with any top fit for an office or the weather.

I have found that planning my outfits make me feel more comfortable and confident! The major perk is time! I have extra time in the morning to get ready and if I don’t like what I am wearing, I still have some time to spare so I can change. It aids in keeping my stress levels minimal (we will talk about later) and keeping my confidence high (bad self confidence – again, we will talk about later).

What do you guys think of planning your outfits? Do you do it as well? I currently have a suitcase planned to go to my parents for one night!

xxoo, Rebekah


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