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Happy Wednesday, fashionistas! I am so lost on my days, truly, after being locked in for [going on] 6 days. We received notification today that we will not be heading back to work until next Tuesday at the earliest. In yesterday’s post, I shared a photo of my exit from work and the shipping grounds from our warehouse — it’s obvious we can’t get over there anytime soon.

Therefore, it should come as no surprise that’s today’s inspiration is Rainy Day Wear haha. I feel like I have been in more rain the past few days than I have my entire life! But let’s get down to it, dressing for rainy days is so obnoxious. It’s like, what do you wear in order to still look cute but not ruin any of your clothes or shoes??

Aaaaaand here you go….

My biggest concern on rainy days is my shoes. What on earth should I wear?? I don’t like wearing big, tall rain boots around if I am going to work or even out and about. Even IF I bring a pair of shoes to change into. I found these boots from Hunter Boots and they officially change my mind on dressing cute for a rainy day. I mean, they basically look like a Steve Madden bootie!

Also, I’ve never had much use for a parka until now. We live right across the street from a grocery store and have been walking back and forth and more than ever I wished I had one rather than my zip-ups! I noticed some really cute ones when I was in Germany a few months ago and have had my eye out for one! I remember specifically seeing a girl wearing a pink one like above and I have been determined to get one since! It also comes in black and forest green! I also took my Henri Bendel backpack when I went to Germany and it is so much better carrying a backpack on a rainy day that you can cover easier under your umbrella. I tagged mine below but I may be buying the one above for my next trip!

Lastly – that umbrella! I need it (not really since it doesn’t rain often here). But it is the same umbrella Serena and Blair have in Gossip Girl and it is perfection for covering your hair! You can shield your entire head underneath it. This may or may not be sitting in my Amazon basket right now 😉

Needless to say, staying fashionable for a rainy day is one of my goals. What do y’all like to wear one rainy days?

Thanks again for all the thoughts, prayers and messages through Hurricane Harvey!! Much love to you all!

xxoo, Rebekah


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