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Happy Wednesday, everyone! How excited are you for a short week?! I am too! Even though I had all last week off, I am still happy about a short week. But going into work yesterday was nice! However, I think I will talk to my boss today about working from home the rest of the week.

Our apartment is about 10 miles from the office, roughly 15 minutes away. Yesterday morning, I left for work at 6 AM and it took me an HOUR to get there. Like I said in my Instagram story, that was acceptable being the first day back to work since Hurricane Harvey and the roads around us are still flooded so alternate routes were taken. On the way home, I took the same route at 3:30 PM. Guys, I didn’t get home until 7:00 PM!!!! It was TERRIBLE. There is no way I can do that for the next few weeks.

That happening comes at a perfect time for this post – to step up my run, make a move, be more active rather than sitting around for hours. On Instagram, I have shared how I enjoy running and I use an app called Running for Weightloss by Red Rocks Apps. I absolutely LOVE it. It is a running guide for interval training to help you lose weight. It makes my runs go by so much faster due to the mini goals that are set throughout the overall goal. It starts off fairly easy the first week, you can also pick beginner, intermediate or advanced level, then each new run challenges you a little bit more.

I have always been a runner. My dad enrolled me in a track club when I was 10 and I have been running since. I ran in the club as a sprinter until I was able to join the junior high track team in middle school. I ran track all the way up until senior year of high school, where I then gave cross country a shot. I must say, I am a much better sprinter! Then throughout college, I would go on long runs, even up to 10 miles, just to stay in shape and relieve stress. Once I started working full time, I slowly stopped running until recently.

That’s when I found this app and it has changed my workout life! They even have options like training for a half marathon and whatnot that I am thinking about trying. This app is perfect for those of you trying to get back into running or trying to start.

Try it out and let me know what you think!

xxoo, Rebekah

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