Walking in Memphis…

Memphis Made…

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The whole trip to Memphis was really to visit one of my best friends/roommate from college that I haven’t seen since her wedding two years ago! Dominik also had a German friend there so we stayed with him and his wife so the boys could do boy things and the girls could do girl things.

We drove there (over 9 hours!!) and arrived just in time to meet for dinner. We went to a restaurant in Midtown called Lafayette’s and it was amazing! There was an upstairs that overlooked the whole downstairs with live music! When we went outside, there was this retro car that took photos (pictured above) so of course we had to do that!

After that, we went to a local brewery/bar called Memphis Made. Perfect, laid back bar. It had games like giant jenga, the 4 in a row game and much more. We all had a blast there! But since we were incredibly tired, we didn’t stay out too long and called it a night pretty early.


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Day 2 Adventures…

Loflin Yard & Civil Rights Museum…

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MLK was staying in this room when he died, Room 306^^

(couldn’t get a picture without glare)

He was standing behind the wreath when he was shot

Amanda and I started day 2 by walking over to a place called Loflin Yard. To quickly describe it – it is a playground for adults! It was revamped a few years ago into a bar, restaurant and event area and has a cool history! Read about it on the link because it shows pictures and whatnot of what each building was. I 100% recommend going here if you visit but definitely go in the evening when the party is getting started!

We stopped for a bite to eat and I ordered the mouth-watering pimento cheese sandwich with the street style corn and I’m drooling just thinking of how delicious it was! Since I do not drink, the bartender concocted a refreshing summer cocktail for me with ginger beer and watermelon juice (yum!). Such great customer service! They have live bands, corn hole, a waterfall and so much more!!

After Loflin, we headed to the National Civil Rights Museum. Talk about being moved by history! It’ll break your heart reading, listening and watching all the stories from the slavery era. When visiting Memphis, this is a must! There are exhibits on transferring slaves to America, Rosa Parks, the riots and as pictured above, the room where Martin Luther King, Jr. last stayed. You can then go across the street and learn more about the shooter and where he shot from. The entire museum will make your heart cringe but it is definitely worth the feeling all emotions.

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Saturday night we went to an even cooler place (in my opinion). It’s called Railgarten: Tiki Bar, Ping Pong and Ice Cream Shop. Guys. Really though. If you go to Memphis and only do ONE thing, it’s this. Okay, I lied because the next day was my favorite of the trip. But this was, in all honesty, the most fun place I have ever been to (as a bar environment). It is right in front of the train tracks and when you walk up, you think it is only a restaurant and ice cream shop – NOPE. It’s this hidden place for locals.

 When you first walk through the entrance of the bar, there is a huge wall of trailer cars with sand volleyball courts behind it on the left. Then on the right, there is a huge indoor bar with like 10 ping pong tables and everybody is playing. Right in the middle when you walk in the bar, is the stage with live music and movies playing on screens around the stage. There’s also a corner with kid’s playgrounds and tire swings. I mean this place is never ending! And more than an adult playground! Randomly throughout Railgarten are “photo-booth” type set ups where you can pose with friends and stations with corn hole and trash can pong. It’s definitely a must if you visit. Not to mention, I actually liked the ice cream – and I don’t even like ice cream!

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Living Room

His Mother’s Room

Formal Dining Room

Lisa Marie still eats at this table when she comes to visit


That’s a $600 microwave from the 60’s and there was someone on staff to cook 24/7!!

The Jungle Room


The Media Room

The Playroom

Took 3 people 10 days to hang this imported fabric up on the walls and ceiling!

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Not too many people know this about me, but I am a die-hard Elvis Presley fan. My uncles got me hooked on him when I was in 2nd grade and ever since I have just been in love. Needless to say, it has ALWAYS been a dream of mine to visit his house!! I woke up this Sunday morning like a little kid on Christmas morning! It was EVERYTHING I imagined and more!!

I’ve shared a handful of photos but I took so many more! And the house is HUGE!! Unfortunately, Elvis did not allow visitors upstairs where his bedroom, office and infamous bathroom was, so the tour does not allow anyone upstairs. I’m not going to lie, the house was CRAZY decorated! Totally 70’s haha! Every room was eccentric and over the top colorful. There are green shag walls and mirrors covering the ceiling! His trophy room was turned into a gallery where his keys, clothes, past furniture and whatnot are now located. He once had an all-red downstairs that was on display!!

I am so thankful I was there the weekend of Elvis’s 40th Death Anniversary. It just felt so magical, especially standing next to his grave. This day was more than I could have hoped for. I learned so much more about Elvis and just walking through the place where he lived from age 22 to 42 was remarkable to me!! After the tour of his house, we were able to look at all his cars, snow mobiles and other artifacts.

Words can’t even cover how I felt that Sunday or now as I am reminiscing. Being able to experience this was worth the 9.5 hour drive there and back in one weekend! If you ever get a chance to visit, TAKE IT!!

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There was so much more we could have done in Memphis, but unfortunately we didn’t have time! We will have to take a long weekend or full week next time we visit! Have any of you ever been to Memphis or toured Graceland? What did you think?

xxoo, Rebekah

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